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Wedding Process

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for considering Cleveland Sweets for your big day! We know weddings can get overwhelming, so we'll walk you through the wedding cake process below and try to make everything as easy as possible!


Here at Cleveland Sweets, we offer two different types of tastings: a cake

tasting and a dessert tasting. The cake tasting is your standard cake or

cupcake flavors, while the dessert tasting is for chocolate pretzels, chocolate

Oreos, dipped chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies.

Cake tasting: The cake tasting is done in the form of cupcakes, and includes

half a dozen cupcakes in three flavors of your choice (two of each flavor).

That way, you and your fiance, or whoever your choose to bring to the tasting,

can try one of each flavor. Flavors can be found under our "Flavors" tab on the

main menu of our website and all flavors apply to cakes and cupcakes.

Some brides opt to try three of their cupcakes with filling and three of the same

flavors without, that way, they can decide if they would like fillings for their cupcakes,

as there is a small additional cost for filled cupcakes. Cakes, of course, come with

fillings at no additional cost. The cake tasting is $15.

Dessert tasting: As wedding fashion evolves, so does the traditional wedding cake.

Many brides are opting out of a standard three tiered cake and going for a smaller

tiered cake and cupcakes! That way, guests can pick which flavors they'd like to try,

and you still get the magical experience of cutting into a cake and saving the top tier

for your one year anniversary. Dessert tables are becoming more and more common,

so we offer a dessert tasting. Any of our desserts, which can be found under the

"Desserts" tab on our website, can be selected for the tasting. One tasting is

considered to be three desserts (two of each item you choose), for a total of 6 items.

The dessert tasting is $15.



After you decide on your three flavors, you are all set to book your one-on-one session! During the session, you get to taste everything and we take notes on what you like and anything you may want to change. Please be prepared for questions like, "what would you like the cupcake/cake to look like?" and "Do you have a color palette for your wedding that you would like us to follow?" If you don't have a specific look in mind, don't worry! That is something you can decide on in time. We also have a certain natural look for each cupcake, so if you can't decide, we can happily go au natural with our decor! 

After the tasting, we send you a breakdown of everything that was agreed upon, along with a final price, and we will go ahead and draw up the paperwork. We require 1/3 of the total price to reserve the date for you, and the remaining amount before the wedding date. Please note that wedding season is very busy, and we cannot hold a date without a deposit. Of course, if you have already had a tasting and you are still talking with your fiance and making final decisions, we would never go give your date away without checking with you first, but if we do not receive a final answer, we will have to leave the date open until it's booked.



Please email us to book your tasting today! (

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