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Cleveland Sweets x Anne Cate Bag Collaboration

We are so excited to announce the collaboration between Cleveland Sweets and Anne Cate! We have long been fans of Anne Cate's work and lucky for us, the feeling was mutual!


We agreed to design a bag that would be cute, practical, and inspired by our sweet desserts. Anne came up with two adorable designs with color palettes and styles that are in line with the minimalistic branding that Anne's clients have come to love.


The first bag was inspired by our newest product, the cakesicle. A fun twist on the traditional cake pop, these cute cakesicles can be tailored to any theme and color scheme.

The second bag was inspired by our signature cupcake style. Any time we are given artistic freedom on a cupcake order, we always take it back to our signature piping technique, giving each cupcake a unique, but harmonious look.

The bags are vegan leather and come in two sizes: wallet and wristlet.

For more information or to purchase your bag today, please check out the following link:

Thank you for supporting our small, local business!

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